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minijobs dataviz

Tania Röttger from correctiv.org and Open-News fellow Sandhya Kambhampati collected tons of datapoints about mini-jobbers (low wage, no benefits) in germany.

I did some maps and bars to show the main aspects of the data.

For example this interactive “double-map” that compares the relative amount of women working in minijobs against men. This was done with riotjs and d3js.

show the same map two times to compare genders

Another map was implemented with mapbox-gl with a neat fallback for non-supported devices:

mapbox-gl fallback for unsupported devices: you can still browse the data

For our cooperation partners located in different regions and states all around germany, we provided the raw data for download, but still in a fashioned way:

data for download presented in a bar diagram

get the code!!1! >>>> Check out all the different viz at github <<<<<