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since 2018: The CrowdNewsroom development is taken over by the CORRECTIV nerds lead by Anne-Lise Bouyer.

This page describes the prototypes of this software I created before.

CrowdNewsroom aims to be a platform to provide distributed, non-document-based investigations. The software allows registered users to enter non-structured data to specific topics and questions. They can upload source files to prove their contributions. A fact-checking procedure allows editors to confirm or refuse the data gathered by the crowd.

It was used at correctiv.org for a crowd-driven investigation for savings banks in cooperation with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

example for a user submission form

Another investigation with this toolbox took place in early 2017 in Dortmund, Germany. Together with the RuhrNachrichten we did an investigation about public schools. Pupils, their parents and teachers collected data about cancelled lessons.

The software itself consists of different tools and apps that can be combined independently. It’s written in python and powered by the django framework.

The CrowdNewsroom won (among another project from correctiv.org) the german “Reporterpreis” in category innovation. and was shortlisted for “Ernst-Schneider-Preis 2016” with the sparkassen investigation. This investigation also won the “PSD Journalistenpreis”.

example for a user submission form